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Your cats will feel like they are on holiday

Terms & Conditions

  • All owners are required to produce a current vaccination certificate when booking their pet into our facility
  • Male cats must be sterilized to come into boarding
  • Guests must be up-to-date with their worm and flea treatments
  • If a pet in our care has parasites they will be treated at the owner’s expense
  • It is our policy to arrange veterinarian advice or treatment at the owner’s expense, should it be considered necessary, and to act on the advice of the vet in ensuring the wellbeing of your pet. In all cases we will endeavour to contact the owner to keep you informed
  • We reserve the right to make suitable arrangements for any pet left in our care 20 days after collection date if no contact is made by the owners or owner’s agent
  • If you require your pet to be collected by a third party you must let us know when booking them in, or via text, email or phone. We will not release your pet without your authorisation
  • Payment is to be made when you drop your pet off to us. Payment can be made by eftpos or cash.

We manage our facility to a very high standard and have management practices in place to provide your pet with the best professional care and expertise possible. However we accept no responsibility for any illness, injury or death for any reason whatsoever.